Our 2009 Roster soon to be updated! Want to see your name below? Leave us a message! Our team includes riders, roadies, supporters and more! Stay tuned for hot links to members fundraising pages!
Brian Hodes, Founder
Jen Moore, Captain
Robbie Mckenzie, SF Captain
Mark Botello
Douglas Brotherhood
Jesus Caceres-Pena
Kerry Castillo
Matt Colleran
Adam Comeau
Gordon Duvall
Daniel Espino
Stephen Francisco
Tony Gonzalez
Cary Gordon
Mark Hemphill
Brian Howard
Jose Ibarra-Virgen
Matthew Jaglowski
Shirley Jaglowski
Luana Jimenez
Rebecca Joyce
Judy Kann
Dave Marez
Tricia Mathis
David Matoff
Nathan Menard
Veronica Morales
Florencio Najero
Georgeann Nicol
Brendan Patrick
Scott Poland
Ali Rahimi
Chrystyne Ribeiro
Laura Sage
Kari Samuels
Valerie Sarmiento
Jenifer Schmutz
David Stiffler
Alan Valdes
Mikki Wagner

2 responses to “Team

  1. Jose Ibarra-Virgen

    I am loving this page– i am LOVING the group pic– can you post it on facebook?

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