It’s common that we’re asked what UTAC stands for. Simply Until There’s A Cure…more importantly is what it means to the members and supporters of UTAC Velo. It is a simple declaration of our dedication to our cause. We wont stop, we will fight, we will win. Winning is loosly defined by elimination of stigma of having the HIV virus, a vaccine and/or a cure. We are entering the 30th year of HIV/AIDS. There is still no vaccine nor a cure for this virus. Many have lost their lives to this battle and we will never forget their sacrifices. Each year we mark their passing on December 1st World AIDS Day. With each pedal stroke we move towards a future free from HIV/AIDS. Until then…we ride.

UTAC Velo is a group of cyclists dedicated to supporting those who live with the HIV virus. Our efforts include fundraising for various charities such as the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic, AIDS/Lifecycle, and Until.org. With every pedal stroke we move forward into a future free from HIV/AIDS and the stigma surrounding this pandemic. Can you imagine a world without AIDS? Can you imagine proclaiming that you are living with a virus and it’s name is HIV and having no shame? Can you imagine every child born without the risk of contracting HIV from their mother? If so please consider joining us. By foot, by bike, or by sheer will we will end AIDS. We ride…Until Ther’s A Cure

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