Team Member Spotlight: Dave Marez!

Dave and Weezie at the Giant's Night


Dave Marez has been with UTAC Velo since it’s inception. As a second year rider Dave was seeking a team that put acceptance and inclusiveness as a priority. Two years later Dave is a stronger and faster rider than he ever imagined. Dave is now an official Training Ride Leader and has been the focus of multiple newspaper articles in the Latino community. As if riding one huge event this June wasn’t enough Dave is celebrating his 50th birthday by also riding In the Nor Cal AIDS Challenge in May!

Please visit Dave’s AIDS/Lifecycle page and read on to learn more about why Dave rides!

From June 6-12, 2010 i’ll be participating in my 4th consecutive AIDS Life Cycle Bike Ride. It’s a physically and emotionally grueling 7-day, 545 plus mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

All 2,500 cyclist must raise a $3,000 minimum in order to participate in this fundraising event. The money raised is used for HIV/AIDS Services.

All 2500 cyclist ride for our own reasons. Here are some of mines:
– I lost my brother Robert in April 2004 to HIV/AIDS.
– Living in San Francisco from 1982-2002, I’ve lost so many friends to HIV/AIDS. This disease has taken a whole generation from us.
– To help those in need of housing, medication and daily needs.
– In December 2009 I celebrated my 12th year anniversary with my domestic partner Jesse.
– On April 18, 2010 i’m celebrating the big FIVE-Zero and I felt what better way of giving back?

I’m dedicating my ride to each and every name listed below. These are sons, brothers, uncles, cousins, nephews, loved ones that have succumber to HIV/AIDS (may they never be forgotten?): Robert Marez, Carlos Ramirez, Roy Muao, Ronnie Salazar, Steve Keller, Fernando Cuevas, Anthony Ramos, Sylvester James, Bobbi Campbell, David John, Bruce Eshner, Johnny Wrice, Cal Stephans, Taft Waters, Ed Dresser, Jesus Negron, Calvin Taylor, Charles Gipson, David Arimendez, Jimmy Cullen, Dennis Claiborne, Charles Tolbert, Jerry Moyer, Tony Gonzalez, Tino Sustaya, Fred Hayes, Gina Gypsy Calibreeze. And friends of friends Brian Plymale, Kevin Coad and Eddie O’Neill.

And two weeks before this ride, May 20th – 23rd, I’ll be participating in my 1st ever Nor Cal AIDS Challenge. It’s a 4-day, 330-mile bike ride that leaves Folsom (we’ll ride through Yolo County, Colusa, Lake Counties, Yuba City, Marysville, Gridley, Williams, Woodland, Winters, Davis, West Sacramento, Afton) and we’ll arrive at the State Capitol in Sacramento. All funds raised benefit Sacramento and surrounding area residents living with HIV/AIDS.

There is alot of preparing for both of these rides and countless hours of training involved. But I strongly believe in both of these organizations that’s why I’m giving my unlimited time and effort towards them.

Together we can make the difference in someones life. Please join me by donating to either one of these great causes. Both rides are tax deductible.

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